Update ~ 09.29.18

Hi Everyone!

M. Evalyne here.  So, I have an announcement to make, or, at the very least, an update to announce.  Mylia is going to change from a chapter posted every Sunday to bi-weekly posts.  Thus, you will receive a new chapter every two weeks.

I am sorry to delay the story for y’all but the reality is this.  My work and an upcoming finance exam are eating my lunch more than feeding me these days (figuratively speaking, of course).  Result?  Mylia’s story either suffers in quality or quantity.  I chose the later so as to not burn your eyes with mispellings, grammatical of errors, or other such nonsense that pervades hastily written, poorly edited material!

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy Mylia’s saga.  Stay tuned for the next chapter to be posted 10/07/18!

As always, any questions, thoughts or otherwise, please get in touch via my contact page.

Love and Hugs,

M. Evalyne


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